Atlantic City
By Bruce Springsteen. Performed at Swallow Hill Open Stage on 9.28.17

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Just practicing.

By Warren Haynes. Performed at Swallow Hill Open Stage on 1.26.17.

Me & Bobby McGee
By Kris Kristofferson. Performed at Swallow Hill Open Stage on 1.26.17.

Out of the Woods
By Taylor Swift but heavily influenced by Ryan Adams arrangement. Performed at Swallow Hill 9.28.17

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Swallow Hill Music

71 East Yale Ave.

Denver, CO 80210

Recording here.

I'm a dad and husband and "worker" (as my kids call it) living in Denver, Colorado, taking lessons and playing music a little more and more. My tastes tend toward the jammy but my performances tend toward what can only be described as old man emo. Still, it's a great time (for me) and I hope you enjoy it. Some samples can be found to the right. Some original stuff will be leaked soon.

Big shout out to Swallow Hill Music, where I take lessons and rock the Open Stage whenever I can. It's a profoundly positive place where musicians of all ages and skill levels are invited to let it out.

If you have thought about playing a little more music than you do, then you should go ahead and do it. That's my advice.

Thanks again for dropping by. Take care.