A Forest
By The Cure. Performed with Two Bars of G in February 2019.

Out of the Woods
By Taylor Swift but heavily influenced by Ryan Adams arrangement. Performed at Swallow Hill 9.28.17

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June 2019

Aix-en-Provence, France.

Last domestic solo show here.

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Hello friends. Thanks for visiting the site.

I'm a dad and husband and "worker" (as my kids call it) living in the Village (Greenwood... trying to make it sound cool), Colorado, playing music a little more and more.

I started diving in full bore about five years ago when I started taking lessons and doing some open mics with a style that can only be described as old man emo. You'll find plenty of samples of that around the site.

In 2018, I was living in southern France and formed a band with four other musicians, two British and two Dutch, that curiously went by the name Two Bars of G. We rocked the faces off of other parents at our kids' school and a few unsuspecting townies, primarily focusing on Brit Pop from the 80's and 90's. Video samples of that are also posted on this site.

Now, I'm all-in with Rivers Talking, a hyper-jammy band with Grateful Dead tribute origins but eventually we'll be fanning out into broader territory. Some practice outtakes are provided on that site. We plan to perform live very soon so please stay tuned for that.

Big shout out to Swallow Hill Music, where I have taken lessons and rocked the Open Stage. It's a profoundly positive place where musicians of all ages and skill levels are invited to let it out. I've also benefited from tremendous teachers, including the inimitable Paul Murin of the Dead Phish Orchestra for guitar and the breezy Dylan Teifer for keys. 

If you have thought about playing a little more music than you do, then you should go ahead and do it. That's my advice.

Thanks again for dropping by. Take care.

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Atlantic City
By Bruce Springsteen. Performed at Swallow Hill Open Stage on 9.28.17

Thanks for stopping by.

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Hard to Handle
By Otis Redding. Performed with Two Bars of G in 2019.