Billy Wynne Music

Guitar and some piano. I like singing. Dabbling in lyrics and VERY basic composition. 

I get most of my tabs here.

This is an awesome tool for jamming han solo.

Basic theory, jamming modes, and Phish & Dead backing tracks for soloing, etc, here.

Get your scales on here.

Ger your chords on here.

Create your own tabs here.

Realize your true nature here.


I'm a grateful dude. 


I took piano in grade school. My mom got me an intro-level Alvarez acoustic guitar when I was in 8th grade. No lessons on that until about a six months ago.

My freshman year of college, I formed a band called Tennessee Valley Authority. One of the guys played an upside down trash can with his hands.

While in Washington, DC, I was in a band called a name I'm opting not to reproduce here. We had one glorious gig that featured Runnin' with the Devil, Hey Delilah, and the Dope Show (I played drums).

I'm currently trying to work up a band called Meaningless Excitement. Stay tuned. We need to practice.




Coming Soon (maybe).